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Shelley Cottle


I am some what of a self-proclaimed nerd.  I enjoy learning and studying. I graduated in 2005, in New Zealand with my Physiotherapy Degree. Initially disheartened with physio, I went travelling and did a range of other jobs in the interim. Landing in Canada I was lucky enough to take on a private practice role at a Physio clinic with an amazing mentor and boss. The courses I took from then helped physio make sense. Finally, I could see the body was not so random after all. I was able to start tracing back why problems occurred in the first place. This knowledge has continued to evolve. I have taken on different studies to those normally pursued in Physiotherapy. I believe I have a curious mind and enjoy the search for answers.
I appreciate how intricate and precise the body is. Physio to me is a mesh of art and science.

In my spare time, I enjoyed a wide range of sports and activities - such as Mountain biking, snowboarding, snow skiing, running, rock climbing, flat and whitewater kayaking, tennis, golf, art, yoga, travel and adventures. These sports have given me personal experience with injury, healing and determination.

Below is a list of courses taken throughout my physio career

Connect therapy "A whole systems approach to Physio" 2007

Lyn Watson shoulder diagnosis and rehab
Real-time ultrasound for the deep core of the lumbar, abdomen and bladder
Yoga instructors course
Pilates for physio’s
Discover Physio Series extension - part 2 
Neural manipulation 1 and 3
Visceral manipulation 1 the abdomen organs
Visceral manipulation 2 the abdomen Organs 2
Visceral Manipulation 3 the pelvic organs
Visceral Manipulation 4 the thorax
Fascial manipulation

Advanced Visceral manipulation for osteo-articular relationships. 
Craniosacral therapy level 1
Acupuncture level 1 and 2
Dry needling
Diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders
Running injuries and treatment

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Frida Bleggi


While working as a chemical analyzer, I discovered that I wanted to spend more
time with people and learn how to help them, therefore I completed my
Physiotherapy degree at The University of Verona in Italy in 2011.
Travelling is my biggest passion and diving, it took me all the way to Cairns where I
worked in hospital wards in different fields: women’s health, orthopedics and
rehabilitation. Just to mention a few of my favorites!
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy has always been of high interest to me, so I
decided to develop my career further in this direction after finishing the
Australian Physiotherapy Process in 2016. I have been working with Focus Physio since early 2017.

We have regular meetings to discuss new techniques and ideas.
My passions are diving and hiking in the mountains. and in the last year, I have
been enjoying Xfit! Loving the training, the environment and all the people
training with me.

Courses Frida has taken

The Connect therapy Series - A whole body approach to diagnosis and treatment 2017-18
LJ Lee, the sporting Hip and Pelvis 2017
Dry needling course June 2018.

Visceral Manipulation VM1

Barral Listening course Lt1


Katja Jensen


Katja has been a physio for over 20 years. Trained initially in Switzerland.  She has lived in Cairns for some time now and loves the outdoors, travelling and crossfit. 

Katja has attended many courses through her career of most recent note is the prestigious year long course "connect therapy" a whole systems approach to Physio.  She has also completed the first part of the Visceral course, dry needling and is about to embark on a cranial course.  Katja enjoys helping people work through chronic injuries and is very precise and excellent at prescribing appropriate exercises.  

Recently Katja has taken a Cranio-sacral Course in which she has felt very inspired by.  Katja plans to follow this through to complete all available courses in this area and eventually get to teaching level. 

Katja is great with any injury or ailment but has alot of experience in particular with Knee, Shoulder and ankle injuries.

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Sonia Williams

Massage Therapist

Sonia has been a Massage therapist for over 20 years.  She initially became interested in massage after working through a lot of pain and dysfunction in her own body.  Feeling the positive effects massage had in her life,  Sonia wants to help bring relief for others.   Sonia has had alot of experience with pregnancy massage and with children.  
In her spare time Sonia enjoys camping, hiking and spending time with her family.

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